Is Carnivorous Diet any Good?

Carnivorous Diet

As the name implies, when you go on a carnivorous diet you only eat meat-based foods or foods that are rich in protein and fat, and are not allowed to consume foods that contain carbohydrates including fruits and vegetables. Before going on a carnivorous diet, you need to know the benefits and risks of following this type of diet.

Research in The Journal of Nutrition explains that the low-carb and high-protein diet method is indeed proven to make weight loss faster, compared to a high-fiber diet. The reason is because of the low intake of carbohydrates, making the body eventually take fat reserves as an energy source. In addition, protein is also able to make the stomach feel full longer, so that appetite can be more controlled.

Carnivorous Diet

Carnivorous Diet

Benefits of Following a Carnivorous Diet

Some of the benefits of a carnivorous diet that you might get are:

Lose weight

Carnivorous diet is believed to be beneficial for weight loss. Because when you go on a carnivorous diet, you don’t eat foods that contain carbohydrates, like biscuits, cakes, candy, and pasta. This is then able to lose weight when doing this diet.

Reducing the risk of depression

In some people playing bola 88, carnivorous diets are believed to have the effect of reducing complaints and psychological symptoms they experience, such as depression and anxiety. However, it is not yet known how this diet works in reducing psychological disorders. The effectiveness of this type of diet is also not necessarily the same for everyone.

reducing risk of depression

reducing risk of depression

Risk of Health Disorders from the Carnivorous Diet

While the risks of health problems that can occur when going on a carnivorous diet are:

High blood pressure (hypertension)

Meat which is the main food when undergoing a carnivorous diet, contains saturated fat and cholesterol. The content of saturated fats can increase levels of bad fats (LDL). This fat increase a person’s risk of developing disorders of the cardiovascular system.

When doing this diet, you may also eat processed meat that contains a lot of sodium or salt. Foods that are high in sodium can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure.


When undergoing a carnivorous diet, you are not advised to consume foods derived from plants. Though foods derived from plants, such as vegetables and fruit, contain fiber which is important for maintaining digestive tract health and launching bowel movements. This can increase a person’s risk of constipation while on a carnivorous diet.

reducing risk of constipation

reducing risk of constipation

Many diet experts revealed that this ‘carnivorous’ diet could trigger digestive disorders.  Such as severe constipation due to excessive consumption of red meat. Saturated fat and cholesterol contained in it also has the potential to clog arteries, thereby encouraging the emergence of heart and liver disease.

Carnivorous diets, may have some benefits. But there are no studies that test the effectiveness of this type of diet, and not everyone can go on this type of diet. Before deciding to go on a carnivorous diet, you are advised to consult a nutrition expert first. In that way, you don’t go the wrong. Be aware that even if this diet is good, the negative side shows it’s not for everyone.