Eco Travelling, an Eco-Friendly Journey

Eco Travelling

There so many things going on in travelling now. The latest trend is eco travelling, which is actually a god thing to do. What is eco travelling? Well, it’s all about culture and greenhouse gas, in short.

We must reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to save the earth from reducing global warming. This awareness began to emerge in all industries, including tourism. That’s why the term Eco Traveling, which is as much as possible, does not damage nature and social activities. As a traveler, we have social and environmental responsibilities. Then, what can we do to become a traveler who cares about the environment?



Start walking

Indeed, not all cities, including comfortable to walk. However, as long as you can walk, walk. Especially if you take a short distance that is still possible to do on foot. There are people who prefer to use a vehicle even though the distance is close. This habit certainly makes carbon emissions increase.

When walking it turns out to be able to meet new places more interesting. If you really can’t walk, then take advantage of public transportation such as busway, LRT, MRT or bicycle.

Giving local people the right way

Like to get upset with some behavior of people who often play kiu kiu  rather than give money to local residents or remote areas when they have arrived. Even though it is seen as correct, unfortunately giving in this way can lead to conflict between local residents. And encourage a culture of dependency such as begging or inhospitability. This happened in one area in Eastern Indonesia.

Reducing the use of plastic waste

Every rubbish that comes from us must be disposed of until we find a trash can. The most practical way to store garbage is to store it in a separate bag. At a minimum you also have a special tote bag for storing trash or when shopping on the go.

say no to plastics

say no to plastics

In addition, make it a habit to bring reusable equipment such as drinking water bottles that can be used repeatedly. Instead of buying drinking water in plastic bottles, it would certainly be more efficient if we could bring our own drinking water bottles to be refilled.

Be wise when choosing a tourguide

It is better when planning to use the services of a tour operator to arrange vacation plans, always check and check the credibility of the service operator. Are tour operator services including those that support eco-friendly tourism, do no harm. For example the operator’s service allows his guests to take pictures with animals that should not be within a close radius like whales and sharks.

Support the native local economy

Generally local residents have the expertise to make something that can be sold. Crafted goods that are made are not always cheap, but if we have more money there is nothing wrong with buying. When we buy native products made locally it means that it can help support the economy of the local community and provide positive impacts such as employment opportunities for local residents.