5 Benefits of Minimalist Lifestyle in 2019

Minimalist Lifestyle in 2019

Almost everyone has something that they don’t really need. They can live without it, but continue to save it even they often increase the volume by buying things that are also less functional. When implementing a minimalist lifestyle, something that is not really needed needs to be immediately removed or replaced with something more useful. But this lifestyle is not limited to cleaning up chaos at home or creating a neat and eye-catching living environment. A minimalist lifestyle has more implications for the lives of those who apply it.

Still with a typical minimalist principle slogan, “less is more”, this lifestyle invites you to completely reduce everything that is excessive in life. Not that you have to throw away many kilos of clothes in the closet or have as few items as possible.

simple and minimal

simple and minimal

The problem is not how lacking it is, but how much value each of you has that can give meaning to your life.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from a minimalist lifestyle.

  1. More freedom

The more things you have, the more you feel attached. This attachment increases your fear of losing something you have.

A minimalist lifestyle teaches you to let go of something you have with a willingness, and free you from fear. There is no point in storing clothes that are no longer enough or leaving lights that can no longer be fixed sitting in a corner of the room.

  1. Healthier and stress-free

Minimalist lifestyle is good for maintaining physical and psychological health of humans. By getting rid of unnecessary items, you actually create a new empty space. The space makes you free from claustrophobic feelings and allows you to play dadu online and breathe more freely.

less is more

less is more

In addition, the obsession to continue consuming and possessing materially valuable objects, often puts pressure on yourself. This lifestyle indirectly avoids you from consumptive behavior which is often detrimental.

  1. Rich of experience

Everyone who runs a minimalist lifestyle considers themselves to be the richest people on this earth. The perpetrators of a minimalist lifestyle do not define the wealth of how much money and assets they have, but rather how much experience they have gone through.

  1. More focus on achieving life goals

A minimalist lifestyle makes a person feel more in control of himself. Many aspects of life benefit from this self-control, ranging from career, productivity, to financial.

By reducing what is not necessary, directly alleviating one’s burden. Therefore, the perpetrators of a minimalist lifestyle can focus more on managing their lives going forward.

  1. Better Relationships

Applying a minimalist lifestyle in terms of work can increase effectiveness so that it has more free time. This free time can be used to strengthen relationships with the people closest, such as friends, family, and the surrounding community.

Even though each of you runs a minimalist lifestyle in a different way. But in fact you still pursue the same goal, which is a happier life. And minimalist lifestyle is one of the most recommended lifestyle in the middle of terrible consumptive hustle in 2019.